This page is full of complaints, stuff the existence of which I don't understand and that's pretty much it.

Last updated: today i think


Why there are so many gay teenagers on neocities who make websites only for a small "about me" section and a huge "don't follow me if" page? What's the reason since nobody will follow them anyway? Showing off fancy CSS aesthetics copied from some tumblr web programming blog or something? Also, what's with this kin thing?


What the fuck is going on in this world? Recently I've spotted a Samsung ad on Youtube (before watching, uh, something really interesting) and it said "Is it possible for smartphones to replace PCs?" OH HELL NO. NO FUCKING WAY. No way I'm going to replace my two marvelous WinXP machines with dusty coolers and bright monitors with a thin brick of plastic and metal that feels so cold and unfriendly. I must prevent them smartypantsphones from taking over computers!


Have I already told you that mainstream fandoms are evil? (please do not let Ace Attorney fandom meet the fate of mainstream fandoms)


Why do rooms in Miitomo have no beds? Seriously, where do Miis sleep there, if they even sleep, of course...


8 bucks for attending a local anime event just to spend over 20 bucks on merch sold there? But there will be a big cosplay show and maid cafe and some of my really good mates... I don't know what to do.


I actually attended that local anime event for 8 bucks and I have a HUGE complaint. Why was there absolutely NO Pop Team Epic merch?! I mean, it's a well-known yonkoma and it has memes and there will be an anime based on it... Why does the local anime community know nothing of that matter???


I hate people who think that making websites from scratch is stupid. Of course, it's easy to live and get lazy about things when everything in your life is ready- or almost-ready-made. And I am a hard-working person.


Why is gmail putting my very-very important mail into spam folder? The nerve!


Why does this "game" I made for a year-end project looks like it's been done in an hour by a 12-year old when it was done by me in three weeks of blood, sweat and tears with additional documentation on the making-of process containing over 4000 words without code and with additional big uml diagrams and tables describing the testing and debugging process? So much for a whole bunch of nothing just because I was a lazy piece of a human meat. Mmmm... meat.