ON A SIDE NOTE: Upon yet another look in my Dream Journal, I realised there were far less interesting dreams to tell than I thought. Which means that I don't even know whether to post them or not. Maybe one day I'll actually post them but for now all I have is some recent stuff I've seen.

WARNING: Weird and stupid stuff may lie ahead! Proceed with extreme caution!

While looking for some pretty stones for some class of mine, I somehow dug up a hole that, upon further examination, lead to me discovering an underground tunnel with some remnants of tall wooden buildings there. As soon as I told some guys from my class about my discovery, they quickly organized a team of volunteers to start building stuff in that tunnel. Those guys made some stores and a concert hall there, and a neat entrance to this underground complex was arranged as an alley. I wanted to sell candies near the entrance, but then I thought that nobody would allow me to do so. When all the building was done, I got inside to check out what did they make there. Turns out, there was a fair of handmade stuff being held. At one of the stalls I found a zine with drawings of me and the building team members inside. Then I, along with some other curious kids, went to the concert hall. Inside it were some guys rehearsing some dance routine to Dave Rodgers' Space Boy. They were filmed for something. The entrance was open and nobody told us to get out so we quickly made our way to the other side of the hall and started dancing in the corner where nobody would see us. It's effin Dave Rodgers we're talking about, why shouldn't we have been dancing there? After some time, the music stopped and the head choreographer finally noticed us. Everyone but me quickly dashed to the exit, and I still stood on my place, because it seems like it was only me that got noticed and called over by the choreographer woman. You see, my hand somehow got in the camera view and ruined such a perfect video. At that time I was close to waking up, so I started talking about how I admit to dance there, and you guys are all scums because you didn't even say thanks to me for discovering this tunnel and didn't do anything to commemorate my discovery you are all using right now for your purposes. I think.

I was at school (again) in my classroom and it was the first day of new study year. For some unknown reason I made my way to my locker in the back of the classroom and saw someone that resembled Trump, I think? I said hello to him, but then some other classmates near me greeted him and he responded to them and completely ignored me. Then everybody took their seats and my teacher started asking everyone about the home assignment for summer. It was finding and telling some info about America and the USA (of course). I was the only one who didn't even know there was a home assignment, so I continued hiding behind the bookshelves near my locker. Thankfully, teacher didn't ask me about it, and some other kids started speaking. Some time passed, and again, for some unknown reason, I felt that the lesson is almost over and, by the power of magic, I appeared in some third-person exploration video game (am I seeing too much video game-related dreams???) where I was on a roof of some kind of building made from chunks of metal sheets. I walked forward and spotted a big rectangular capsule with a girl inside. When I somehow let her free and disposed of that giant capsule, she said some stuff (there were even subtitles at the bottom of my vision) that I can only sum up as 'fuck off'. Then she went away and I started exploring the rest of the roof, but some guys in red cyber armor with guns suddenly started targeting me and running in my direction. I tried to run away, but there were more of these guys riding some cyber motorcycles who started chasing me, too. I ran in the opposite direction and noticed that I somehow put on some blue armor, and when I met some guys in the same blue armor, they offered me help. Then I somehow transported to some town. It was night there and before myself I saw some arch made from branches and twigs with a plate attached. The plate said something about a spider museum. At that time I thought that it's my first time seeing this museum, but then I checked the photo gallery in my phone and discovered a lot of photos of those spiders from the museum. I walked away from it and got run over by some crazy black mutt with glowing eyes. I tried to smash it with my foot but it didn't want to die every time I stepped on it. And then some crazy black cat with glowing eyes appeared out of nowhere and jumped on that dog. The animals then started fighting and I woke up thinking about me being a chicken for being scared to play horror games. Just what the hell did I dream about?

I was on my way to school for, uh, some reason. Near the rear entrance I saw a trailer with four men in black standing in front of it. I'm not sure about that, but I think they followed me when I entered the school building. When I came to the second floor, I saw some kids running with gas burners. Among them was my young brother, who didn't have one and was chased by the others. When the kids caught him, they somehow set his hair on fire. I put the flames out, but these punks caught him again, and when I tried to shoo them away, they set his hair on fire again and one of them pointed a burner in my eyes. I've never woke up as fast as I did after this dream.

I was having a nice dream (in a dream) about something I don't remember of when I suddenly woke up in the middle of it to check up on my secret money stash. It turned out to be gone, and I immediately thought that it was eaten by mice for some reason. And it was actually true, because the next thing I noticed is that my house was infested with mice. A shovel appeared in my hand out of nowhere and I started beating the mice to death with it to clear the path to kitchen. The closer to kitchen I got, the more it seemed like some of the mice were actually, um, how do I even describe this?? a small chibi-ish people just standing and minding their own business. I think I punched one that was wearing gakuran and I punched him several times because he didn't want to die from a single blow. Then I suddenly found myself reading from a scroll of some text about that dream I recently had.

This one's description is short, but it was actually a long dream. I was sitting somewhere near a beach and somehow I got my mail while sitting there. There were two copies of the comics zine I once sent some of my comics to (I sent them in real life and I'm still waiting for my free copy of that zine to arrive). When I opened one to read, it turned out that my pixel comic got really screwed up when being printed, with it having a missing frame and almost unreadable pixel text. I got mad and wanted to send the copies back but then I thought that I could be just dreaming about it right now. And then I woke up.

This night's dream was about me being in some sort of a movie-like reality, where I was an assistant of Humphrey Bogart who was some sort of a detective solving a big case. He would always sit on a sofa in my living room and write crime and theory notes in his notebook and I would always bring him coffee in my green Jacobs cups. We would sometimes hold meetings in that living room and reveal a big pool-like fuzzy drink storage hidden under the carpet to impress our guests. And even during the meetings Bogart would still sit on that sofa and write. And then one day he got a call telling him to come somewhere and learn something about that case. Then he told me to pack his things for departing. And I went to get his travel bag having a feeling that he'll certainly die while going there. And that was the end of my dream.

This time I was playing some sort of a video game where I took a role of a new-girl-in-town that lives in a house with big and wide windows and likes to stare at herself being naked in front of the mirror... for some odd reason. The other day she almost got caught doing that by neighboring girls who often stare from their windows at that chick's neighborhood but our heroine thought they didn't caught a glimpse of her exposed private parts. As if. After some time playing around I brought this girl to a weird supermarket where everything was cursed and stuff. I can't remember what exactly happened there, but in the end of the exploration our heroine somehow free'd those neighboring girls and their guyfriends from a chamber on the ceiling. It was quite weird because I had to click on every person out there so that the heroine could hug(?) them and say that she's glad they're okay. And then there was a cutscene where everyone went into a cafe to celebrate freedom(??). When everyone seated with their food on the table, suddenly the two neighboring girls took out a stack of small envelopes and said something about "compromising evidence" and then handed everyone those envelopes. Our heroine got one, too, and inside she saw her photos where she was naked in front of mirror and where she did som other shameful stuff I didn't even know about. Oh come on, we helped you get out of a cursed store, and that's how you say thanks??

Today's dream was about me hanging out with my unknown relatives at some sort of resort town where all the houses are made of wood and they look like treehouses. There, some sort of competitions between the tourists were held and I was participating, too, much to my dismay. At some point, I got a new task which was to "feed a spider on my left arm" (hah srsly??). I saw one right on my elbow and it was just an ordinary small domestic spider. I looked at him for a minute trying to figure out how should I feed him since he's so small and stuff. But then someone who was sitting in front of me the whole minute I was thinking said it's not the spider I need to feed and that I need to look on the other side of my arm. And only then I saw that under my left arm there was a giant white-and-black spider sitting quietly waiting to be noticed. I'm not sure whether I started screaming or laughing loudly, but I'm pretty sure I woke up straight after that moment. Phew.